Apply to Neuroscience Boot Camp by Friday at midnight

It’s shameless plug time, but for good reason: anyone out there want to learn more about neuroscience? If so, be sure to check out the CNS’ Neuroscience Boot Camp — one of the few boot camps out there that involves more lunches and lectures than fatigues. The Boot Camp is an immersive week-long program that teaches neuroscience to grad students and professionals in other fields. This year’s program will be held right here at Penn from July 29 to August 7.

Neuroscience can be applied to all kinds of fields, so this is a great opportunity to get an edge in whatever cool thing you do. You can read more and apply on the site, where you’ll also find information about financial aid. Applications are due this Friday at midnight and don’t require much writing. So if you’re curious about the brain and can spare less than an hour, give it a go!

Next on Mind the Gap: I’ll be looking at a paper on cognitive enhancement by sociologist Scott Vrecko. There will be college students, stress and pills — a pretty fascinating cocktail. Look out for the post over the next week.


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