Other brain blogs

There are a ton of brain and behavior blogs out there, so here’s to separating some of the wheat from the chaff (without getting rid of all the fun):

  • Mind Hacks: A general interest mind & brain blog managed by psychologists Tom Stafford and Vaughan Bell
  • Neurophilosophy: Another jack-of-all-trades brain blog, hosted by UK newspaper The Guardian and maintained by neurobiologist Mo Constandi
  • Action Potential: Focusing on the world of academic research, this blog comes straight from the minds of neuroscience editors at Nature 
  • Neuroskeptic: An anonymous UK neuroscientist takes on the entire world of scientific research, with a focus on mind/brain issues
  • Bering in Mind: Research psychologist Jesse Bering tackles human behavior, with a sense of humor
  • The Brilliant Blog: Journalist Annie Murphy Paul covers the science of learning, often with a cognitive science perspective
  • Science Not Fiction: Hosted by Discover magazine, this blog showcases the kind of musings only science fiction could produce (robots and potential apocalyptic futures abound)

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